Family, friends plan massive search effort for 31-year-old California woman who disappeared from home in May

A massive search for 31-year-old Diana Rose Alejandre Garcia Gonzalez is planned for October, five months after the mother of five disappeared from her Winterhaven, California home without a trace.

After months without any answers on where Diana might be, her family hopes this new search on October 17, in Winterhaven will finally bring their loved one home.

“She’s out there somewhere,” Diana’s aunt, Jenny Espino, told Dateline. “We just need to bring her home.”

Jenny, who lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas, said that her niece was last in contact with family in April 2020. In June, she said Diana’s mother called several family members asking if anyone had spoken to Diana. No one had. On June 30, Jenny filed a missing persons report with the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office in California.

Investigator J. Hurtado with the sheriff’s office confirmed to Dateline that the sheriff’s office is actively searching for Diana and that it is an ongoing missing persons case.

He said Diana was last known to be in Winterhaven at the home she shares with her girlfriend, Danielle Meeden, and believes she disappeared on May 4.

According to a press release issued by the sheriff’s office in July, Diana had left her purse, cell phone and personal belongings behind. Investigator Hurtado would not comment further on those details due to the ongoing nature of investigation.

Investigator Hurtado told Dateline they have interviewed several people about Diana’s disappearance. “There are many stories and rumors around this case right now,” Investigator Hurtado said. “So it’s hard to say at this time if foul play is involved.”

He assured Dateline they are doing everything they can to find Diana. He added that Diana is known to travel between Winterhaven, Yuma, Arizona and Mexico, but there have not been any recent sightings. He hopes by continuing to share Diana’s story and photo on social media, someone somewhere will have information on her whereabouts.

Magan Edwards, an advocate for “For the Missing,” and her team have been helping Diana’s family for months. A Facebook group “Help Find Diana Rose Alejandre Garcia Gonzalez” was created to spread the word of Diana’s disappearance with the hope of bringing her home safe.

“We’re just doing whatever we can to do to help find her,” Magan told Dateline. “Our goal is to bring Diana home safe to her family.”

A massive search effort is being planned for 10 a.m. on October 17, 2020, in Winterhaven, California. Volunteers are encouraged to message or comment in the Facebook group for further information.

Diana’s aunt told Dateline that she’s extremely worried about her niece and fears that someone hurt her.

“She’s such a sweet person,” Jenny said. “And she was taught to give and help others. If someone needed help, she wouldn’t hesitate. I don’t know why someone would hurt her, but I think someone did.”

Jenny said she also doesn’t believe her niece, who is the mother of five children, would walk away and leave them without any contact. The children are with their father in Yuma, Arizona, she added.

“She’s gone through some tough times in life. I’m not going to lie and say she’s perfect,” Jenny said. “But she would never give up on her kids. She always had some sort of contact with her family. This just isn’t like her.”

As the months pass, Jenny said some people have mentioned that her niece’s disappearance might become a cold case.

“I won’t let that happen,” Jenny said. “She’s out there somewhere and we’re going to bring her home. We’re not giving up.”

Diana is described as being 5’3″ tall and weighing approximately 180 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Diana’s family said she dyes her hair often, so it may be a lighter brown or blonde color.

Anyone who may have information about Diane’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Unit at 442-265-2105 and reference case #2006-1642.